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Looking for Custom Branded Executive gift ideas?

How to impress your clients with corporate executive gifts

Luxury corporate gifts have always offered a notable way to compliment any business relationship. There is an abundance of promotional executive gifts to choose from, designed to elevate your brand and profile to another level. Innovative and technology branded gifts for clients are on the increase, branded anti-theft rucksacks, custom printed power banks, branded promotional phone chargers and tech accessories are all highly respected. Not only are they useful but ones that are at the forefront of modern-day technology used daily to keep people connected and powered to enable positive work and play. High perceived value products are integral when deciding on executive giveaways. From engraved gifts such as branded premium metal pens supplied in printed gift boxes through to high-end leather products such as branded luxury notebooks and personalised business diaries. These all play an important role in how you are perceived as a business, your value and reputation and your willingness to engage with no cost barrier. Luxury corporate gifts have seen an increase in our current time, with more people now working from home, gifting as also adapted, to reach those far and wide and to show appreciation and support. Direct mail allows your personalised corporate gifts to be mailed in a box, offering an array of useful and relevant products to your clients and staff to say, thank you. Within recent times, this is a highly valued, personal gift to receive and one which will be treasured and remembered forever.

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Our help with choosing your promotional executive gifts

With so many exciting and executive corporate gift ideas to choose from, whether it is multifunctional and versatile through to the more prominent and presentable, there is a selection that will meet all discernible tastes. For personalised gifts to clients that travel, for example, national account managers and field sales executives, you may lean towards a useful and portable branded merchandise product, such as a custom branded power bank or premium engraved travel mug. For the more sedentary, office-bound executive, a welcomed desktop gift is always a tempting choice, a great way to advertise your business and services, at hand to your recipient daily. A branded notebook, promotional metal USB Drive, engraved metal pen or branded phone charger offers practical but attractive solutions. For the multi-device users and techy amongst us, be it desktop or on the move, the range is expanding. From custom branded earphones, chargers, VR headsets to custom printed multi-cables, there is a gadget for everyone and for any time!

What is new in branded gifts for clients in 2021

As branded gifts UK evolve and adapt, new products are emerging rapidly, thought-provoking merchandise offering interactive designs, which are not only affordable but ones that are becoming the centre of all corporate printed gifts. From the increasingly sought-after branded wireless chargers and promotional printed power banks now boasting a battery charge of 10000 mAh, these unrivalled gift options are paving the way and creating the latest trends. To compliment these and many other new ranges of gadgets and technology are branded gift boxes. Attractive and robust, not only do they look great, but they ensure that your valued gift is housed safely, whilst cleverly advertising your brand to its new owner. Aside from gadgets, other new branded gifts are abundant, from executive gift packs such as notebooks and pens sets, with a mindful emphasis on all things eco-friendly and products that are sustainable. With many products now offering alternatives in bamboo, wood, recycled plastic and paper, there is plentiful to cherry-pick from! 2021 is certainly ripe for the picking!

Executive gifts are exciting, but you may need some help or guidance on what will work best for your budget, speak to our team we would love to help.

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