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Looking for recycled eco friendly promotional products?

 Why invest in eco-friendly merchandise?

Over recent years the demand for eco-friendly merchandise has increased exponentially. There are limitless amounts of eco friendly giveaways to consider. All play an important environmental role as well as elevating your brand image and reputation in being the one who supplied the eco merchandise giveaways. Many eco friendly business gifts are now more affordable, as products such as branded recycled notebooks, printed recycled pens and other sustainable merchandise increases, then it enables affordability to reach an even wider audience. Many of the classic merchandise products are now offering eco friendly alternatives, from recycled plastic giveaways to the highly favoured and best-selling bamboo travel mug, which looks stunning when laser engraved. More people are investing in branded eco friendly products than ever before, with exciting new materials available such as wheat straw, which delivers an attractive, natural and organic appearance, through to custom recycled trolley coin keyrings, a brilliant alternative to the standard plastic promotional keyring. These are enticing eco friendly corporate gifts to create positive brand awareness, ensuring your business message is delivered in a clear and environmentally aware tone.

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What is available for 2021 in the eco friendly corporate gifts range

With eco friendly branded products on the increase, the choice is abundant. From sustainable printed travel mugs, branded eco friendly notebooks, printed eco pens and custom branded technology gifts, eco friendly merchandise is at the forefront of innovation. The benefits of these products are truly boundless, from the environmental importance of keeping unwanted plastics out of landfill, to allowing products to be recycled and reused. New eco merchandise products are continually focusing on how to push these boundaries, paving the way for a new generation of eco friendly business gifts. Technology is playing a crucial role in delivering eco friendly freebies. As many more of us rely heavily on multiple devices to work and to interact then the pressure on tech increases. Fortunately, it has responded and significantly. Custom branded Wooden, bamboo, wheat straw power banks, USBs and speakers are fast becoming the most sought after eco friendly giveaways available, even promotional charger sets made from bamboo are now in circulation - just proving that even the most used items have filtered through the eco-sphere! These and many other eco friendly corporate gifts are invaluable addition, if not a replacement to your standard merchandise. There is a particular sense of wellbeing when gifting and receiving eco friendly freebies, it carries a strong message. It may be a simple pen, used daily, but as recycled it evokes thought and consideration, to how and where they are made and the difference it makes to our environment. The same with other desktop items, notebooks, even an eco insulated mug, the impact is strong and carries an important message about you and your brand.

 How we brand our selection of eco friendly business gifts

From custom printed eco friendly water bottles to recycled plastic pens, branding plays a key role in ensuring your business gifts are not only attractive but ones that deliver a bold statement about who you are. Laser engraving results on bamboo products from mugs to promotional USBs look fantastic, adding a unique dimension and an impressive finish. The traditional screen print method is ideal for travel mugs and even silicone grips, adding a sharp and clear delivery to your environmentally friendly giveaway. Recycled pens and notebooks also welcome screen print - a tried and tested method that never disappoints. Certainly, the best and most cost-effective way to produce the results you require to promote and advertise your brand, effectively and eco-friendly.

Need some help to understand more about our eco friendly branded merchandise options, our team is happy to help.

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